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*If you are unable to make your timed session we do not offer refunds or credits. Thank you for understanding.

1) We are socks only. NO BARE FEET. You will be asked to wear socks if you go out on the play floor without them and your account will be charged.

2) Do not allow you child to run, or throw items in the playroom. Rough housing will result in an employee asking you to come back another day.

3) All persons entering Charming Star need to be accompanied by and adult and have a signed waiver on file to play.

4) No nut products are to be eaten in our facility.

5) We are not stroller accessible. Please leave strollers in your car.

6) Please do not allow children to play in the water fountain.

7) Please accompany your child in bathrooms. Do not allow little ones to throw paper towels or excessive TP in the toilets.

8) Please do not allow children to empty the balls pits.

9) We do not allow balloon art.

10) Outside Face Painters are not permitted.

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