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Charming Star Playroom

Charming Star Playroom is 3,945 square feet of fun! We offer a safe clean space for children aged 0-6 to explore.

Our family owned and operated playroom was designed by a loving mother. Our playroom was carefully organized to be a safe place to play and learn. Children learn through play by exploring art, music, movement, touching, observing and playing side by side with other children. From one parent to another, I encourage you to play alongside your little one and enjoy this precious time with them.

This is a privately owned business and we do REQUIRE MASKS on adults during open play with the public. If you bring a child in over the age of 5 they are also required to wear a mask.  ****If you have a medical condition where you are unable to wear a mask, please visit another time when these guidelines have been lifted. For the safety and peace of mind of our customers and staff we need mouths and noses covered on all adults and children over 5 during open public hours. Thank you for understanding while we navigate through these strange times.