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Birthday Party

We set up, we clean up. You just Show up!

Everything is provided for your event, you just bring the cake!
Please call to book your event by phone. Speaking with a staff member directly is the best way to ensure your date and time is reserved.

NEW! Discounted Party option

To celebrate your child's birthday at CSP during the weekday is a hassle free way to celebrate with no set up and clean up at home. Instead of heading to a restaurant for dinner, or hosting a pizza night at home, give us a call! Here are the details for Weekday options.

  • Entire facility for 2 hours for your party ONLY.

  • Pizza and juice pouches included for 10 kids.

  • Option to add on pizza for adults.

  • BYOB friendly for adults.

  • We provide table covers, plates, forks, and napkins. We also provide cake knife and lighter.

  • You are only responsible for the cake/candle.

  • Options are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5-7pm

  • Price is $295.00

  • Coordinators will be on site to run your party smoothly, so you have NO set and NO clean up, just show up!

PERFECT for families who are busy on the weekends with sports and other activities. Nice option to hang with grandparents or other close family/friends while the kids play and have fun in a private setting. AND, to go home and just put them to bed and not have to worry about making dinner, cleaning up and all the in-betweens in a BONUS! CALL TODAY!

Our birthday parties are 2 hour events. They are structured with open play, music, dancing, then pizza cake time and extra play time before your events ends. Your presents are bagged up to bring home, and coordinators will pack up any additional pizza and cake for you to bring back home when your events ends.

We always have 1-2 coordinators on site to assist with set up and clean up, they assist with pizza/cake time, and DJ your event.

We do not allow outside food or decor. Our parties are pizza and cake only. We provide the pizza and you are responsible to bring the cake. You are welcome to bring in balloons if they are on weights, and party favors for kids to take home. 

We provide pizza and juice boxes for up to 14 kids. This does include the birthday child. We also include table covers and plates (color of your choice) and napkins and forks also. We do put out ice water and cups for adults, but you are also allowed to bring in beverages for adults. You also have the option to order additional pizzas for adults.

Price is $425.00

We do have add ons such as;

Additional time $200 per hour

Character visits $115.00

Unlimited coffee bar access $45.00

Additional kids after 14 are $10 each

*we can fit up to 24 kids in the party room

Adults after 35 people are $3 each

*Birthdays are socks only events, no bare feet and no shoes on the play floor. Socks are for sale for $2 if needed.

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